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Program Analysis and Project Planning Of Student Mark Analyzing System Ajanta of contents 1. 2. 3. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PROJECT SCOPE,OBJECTIVE ,DELIVERABLES COST AND BUDGET MANAGEMENT SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT ( MILESTONES AND WORKCONTROL) 5. RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN 6. PROJECT CONTROLS AND REPORTING PLAN 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this report is to describe about the logical and systematical functions of Student Mark Analyzing System. This system will have two breed of users that is staff and student. The system will acquire details of student from the faculties and analyzes the obtained data then declare the results based on the grade criteria’s of the institution. Where student will play vital role of client that is they just acquire†¦show more content†¦Ã¯Æ'Ëœ Then the system will analyze and declare the grades for every student based on the grade criteria’s of the institution. ïÆ'Ëœ Then the reports will be generated for each student and also for every department. ïÆ'Ëœ Then the sub reports also will be generated only after the generation of all the department report generation. ïÆ'Ëœ Finally the system will publish the results which can accessed by the candidates when they provide proper information and then feedbacks will be collected. ïÆ'Ëœ Faculties can also access the results of the student only if they are properly authenticated. Deliverables ïÆ' ¼ Accounts will be created for each an every registered student which will be maintained until they complete their studies in that institution. ïÆ' ¼ And also it similar to the employees of the institution. But, the account of the employees will never been reused. It will be removed from the system if they resigned their job. ïÆ' ¼ After the completion of the studies the student details will be stored in garbage storage. Khuthbudin .T (110081101022) ïÆ' ¼ Garbage storage will be used if the candidate rejoined to the institution for their higher studies. ïÆ' ¼ And it will also can be used if candidates mislaid their certificates then new certificate can be generated with the help of this garbage storage. ïÆ' ¼ Candidates can change their account details any time (only Username, password). ïÆ' ¼ Revaluation request will be accepted by the student if it is approved by the concernedShow MoreRelatedPorters775 Words   |  4 Pagesthrough the AIS ESS learning system from your student e-mail address. Likewise, forward also the same copy to Your soft copy must be sent as a word document and must also be identical to your hard copy. The name of the document should include your last name and student id number. Late assignments will be penalized 5% per working day for four days and will receive zero after four days. This assignment is worth 15% of the total marks _______________________________________________________________________ Read MoreDocumentation of Examination System1629 Words   |  7 PagesEntrance Examination System Documentation Members: John Paul Conde John Mark Monilla Jocel Floirendo Sebastian Barot Kenneil Khong Hun Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Basic Planning Phase 1.1 Background of the Company 1.2 Project Study Definition amp; Description 1.2.1 Description of the Study 1.2.2 Policies Related to the Study 1.2.3 Definition of Terms 1.3 Scope amp; Limitation of the Study 1.4 Task amp; Duration of the Study 1.5 Duties amp; ResponsibilitiesRead MoreDiploma In Computing (With Strands In Software Development1316 Words   |  6 PagesFOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS – DC202 NQF Level 6 (12 credits) Assessment 1 CASE STUDIES ASSIGNMENT (v2) Final Result: _______________ Assessor Signature ___________________ Student Name Student ID Student Signature Assessor DATE :- 13/03/2017 MARKING SCHEDULE Student Name: Case Study 1 - Question number: Possible Marks: Student Marks: 1 3 2 5 3a 3 3b 3 4 12 5 18 6 16 Sub-total: 60 Case Study 2 – Question number: Possible Marks: Student Marks 1 11 2 5 3 5Read MoreDBQ Jury System1476 Words   |  6 Pagessomething that causes strong disagreement Reread the story individually and mark (with highlighter) the reasons Sally wants students to make the decision (student Jury) 3 min. Brainstorm why it might be better for the principal to make the decision and write the three best reasons on the paper – 3 min. Discuss and write the three best reasons on the chart paper – 3 min. Sample answers: Will be fair to another student. Is an expert with lots of experience. Has best understanding of the situationRead MoreComputerised Management Information System in Students Result and Transcript Computation1428 Words   |  6 PagesCOMPUTERISED MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM IN STUDENTS RESULT AND TRANSCRIPT COMPUTATION 1James Agajo 2Ogedengbe Emmanuel 3Bagudu Igbekele Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria ABSTRACT: This work proffers solution to the problem associated with the old conventional way of manual generation and issuance of transcript, Automated transcript system addresses the problem of excessive paper work, delay in transcript issuanceRead MoreAssessment Methods1351 Words   |  6 Pagesof assessment methods for a specific group of learners. The 12 principles of Good Assessment and Feedback were produced by Academic Policy Committee and agreed by Senate in 2008. They are intended to help academic staffs who wishes to promote student engagement and self-regulation in learning 12/05/2010 The principles of good assessment are Help clarify what good performance is. Encourage time and effortRead MoreA Study On Korean University Curriculum1724 Words   |  7 Pagesdelivery project, construction management, structural analysis, and costing construction, and it has many other related subjects which is able to applied indirectly. However, only 2 universities have BIM course, and 1 university is planning to apply into the engineering program curriculum among the previously mentioned 10 university. According to the Universities’ engineering program curriculum, their major goal of the courses is that students have effective architectural digital design skill andRead MoreBiometric Based Attendance System1468 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Assignment Objective: To develop biometric based attendance system for STM at different campuses based in Central London. Purpose: To provide accurate and efficient attendance recording system to keep track of students and provide attendance reports to home office. Scope: ââ€" ª To conduct some research into different biometric devices. ââ€" ª To acquire biometric finger print scanner devices ( terminals) ââ€" ª To design and develop the network infrastructure to link the devices to theRead MoreProton Holdings Berhad767 Words   |  4 PagesSubmission Date WEEK 8 REGULATIONS A. Late Submission A 10% deduction per day of total coursework marks (excluding weekends and public holidays). Late submission between 5 to 10 days, results in a 50% deduction of total coursework marks. Late submission past 10 days results in an automatic 0% for coursework and the student will be barred from the final examination. B. Deliverables Students must submit all materials supporting their coursework listed in the deliverable section. The courseworkRead MoreIntermediate Managerial Accounting848 Words   |  4 Pages : : BUS 254; 60 credit hours. Cost Management and Control (2008): Custom Publication for Simon Fraser University, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-07-007553-5. Bus 322 Casebook (2010), Pearson Learning Solutions, ISBN: 978-0-558-72686-7. Students are expected to read the assigned chapters, class notes, and other assigned materials before coming to class and are expected to discuss the assigned chapters and other related materials during lectures. Course Objectives : The role of the

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Like Colonel Harland Sanders and Steve Jobs, We Need to...

Introduction â€Å"There’s lot of bad reasons to start a company but there’s only one good or best reason, and I think you know what it is: world is need to be change by us.† (Phil Libin, 2012). This quote is from Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote and it is relate much to people who want to start become an entrepreneur. 7 over 10 employer firms survives at least 2 years, the other half at least 5 years, a third at least 10 years and the quarter stay in business 15 years or more. The two successful entrepreneurs that achieved global success are Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of original Kentucky Fried Chicken and Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. CEO. Both of them had perseverance and have self-motivated. Body Topic Sentence 1: Firstly, the successful entrepreneur must have perseverance to handle their business to achieve global success. Sub-point a: Mostly entrepreneur need great spirit to arrange their way to achieved global success. They start with the first step until the final succeed. Colonel Harland Sanders try to find partner in his business. He facing a thousand rejected until he the last person accept him. Same story with Steve Jobs that he got fired at first and he get the spirit to back in the business again. Evidence 1: According to Sanders (2014), Colonel Harland Sanders face a thousand rejected until the last persons accept him to be his partner in Kentucky Fried Chicken business. He needs somebody willing to help him and be his partner together Evidence 2: when he was 20, Steve

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Studying English Language Free Essays

1. Studying English language in an English-speaking country is the best but not the only way to learn the language. Do you agree or disagree with this statement. We will write a custom essay sample on Studying English Language or any similar topic only for you Order Now Some people believe that the students have to go abroad to study English while other people claim that beside learning English in an English-speaking country, there are a number of ways to study this language. I am strongly persuaded by the latter idea by the following reasons. First of all, it cannot be denied that learning English in an English-speaking country have many advantages. While overseas, students will have opportunities to practice listening and speaking with British people, which is conducive to the development in using language. Moreover, by dint of living in foreign countries, students can also experience the culture first-hand (have first-hand experience in foreign culture), which is a great help when trying to understand the language. For example, living with the native family will provide the students opportunities to discover about new cultures and customs. Besides this, if student attend language full time, teachers will be native speakers. In that case, not only will student’ speaking and listening skills improve but the attention can be given to develop reading and writing skills. However, the fact has shown that, most students in non-English-speaking countries often study English at secondary schools, sometimes at universities. Although the spoken English is not usually of a very high standard, the knowledge in grammar is often quite advanced, which will be good basics to perfect language ability in the future. It is obvious that the more technical science upgraded the more ways students can approach the knowledge worldwide without going abroad. Equally important, learning English basics at secondary school is much less stressful than studying language while overseas. The statistics have shown that students’ living at home does not have to worry about troubles such as finding accommodation, paying for their study and living cost and trying to survive in a foreign country where day to day the living course much stress. In brief, while going abroad is a good way to approach the native language, studying at home also become more and more useful to enhance the English abilities especially in the basic skills. How to cite Studying English Language, Papers

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Camera Angles free essay sample

1) How do camera angles and image juxtaposition tell a story? Describe an instance from each video where the filmmaker uses a camera angle or juxtaposition of images to enhance our understanding of the place they are documenting. In film number one the filmmaker used a lot of long and close up shots to show the natural beauty surrounding the bridge. The filmmaker also zoomed and focused in on a lot of simple things in the park such as the leaf with drop of water to show how serene the area is. In film number two the filmmaker main thing was juxtaposition. Every shot in the film was placed strategically to show how a morning on the LIRR typically goes. The film was mad for you to feel like you were a passenger on the LIRR from the parking lot, to buying breakfast, to heading up the stairs, and on to the train. We will write a custom essay sample on Camera Angles or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The main camera angles used to achieve this was the eye level angle, low angle, and the floor angle. In film number three the filmmaker used plenty of pan, hand helped, and tilted shots. However, the main thing here was the juxtaposition of the images. As the film went on each clip got creepier. I understood that the placed was clearly abandoned and cared for in the least. 2) Critique each video: What elements of the video are successful? What could be improved in each video? In film number one the filmmaker was successful with showing how peaceful the bride was. The filmmaker knew how to use their camera well by focusing in and out of certain elements surrounding the bridge. What could have been improved was how much they decided to show. I don’t even know how the actual bridge really looks. By opening with the name of bridge it made me expect something else. In film number two the filmmaker did a great job by taking the audience on a morning trip through the LIRR. A lot of the camera angles used helped the viewer feel as if they were there going up the escalator or the stairs and was standing there waiting for the train. What I thought could have been improved was the scene while sitting on the actual train. I would of shown someone reading a paper, or talking to a fellow train rider, or any other typical train activity.

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6 Must-Read Tips for Writing Friendly AND Professional Emails

6 Must-Read Tips for Writing Friendly AND Professional Emails Last week I had the privilege of presenting a workshop for the staff of a fast-growing digital asset management software company here in Madison. The topic was how to write consistently with the company’s brand, which is friendly, helpful and professional. A big piece of any business communications, of course, is email. How can you write emails that are personable without being too casual? Here are my top 6 email writing dos and donts on how to write email communications that are both friendly AND professional: 1. DO start with a friendly greeting that includes the recipient’s [first] name. There is neuroscience research showing that hearing one’s own name activates parts of the brain that increase attention. I would hazard a guess that people pay more attention when addressed by their name whether in writing or orally. This alone convinces me to use the addressee’s name in every email greeting. (Use the first name except in very formal writing where you might use a full name or a Mr. or Ms. title). What should you put before the name? Sometimes simply the name followed by a comma will do (â€Å"Jane,†), but usually we want to use another word of greeting. â€Å"Hi Jane,† is a common greeting and is widely accepted. â€Å"Hey Jane,† is more familiar and casual. Using â€Å"Dear† could be read as more formal or as more intimate, depending on the context. There’s no right greeting to use except the one that your company agrees is the one most aligned with its brand. In a lengthy email exchange, the person you’re writing to might drop the greeting and simply respond to your message with answers to your questions or responses. Talk to your company about whether you should follow suit. Personally, I rarely write an email that doesn’t include the person’s name at least somewhere (â€Å"That’s a great idea Jane!† or â€Å"Thanks so much Jane!†) Of course, appropriate language and level of formality will also depend on your particular relationship with the person you’re interacting with. When in doubt, check your brand guidelines or ask a colleague or supervisor for direction. 2. DO use emoticons :-O. Emoticons are becoming more and more accepted in business communications and can help with guiding the way a message is read. Emoticons can make a message seem more personal and friendly, so if that’s the tone you’re going for, use them! More neuroscience: Studies have shown that seeing an upright smiley face activates the same part of the brain as seeing a real face! Still, don’t use them unless your company says it’s okay. And know your audience. If you’re communicating with a millennial, emoticons are probably fair game. If your audience is over 70, maybe not. But there are plenty of exceptions to both of these generalizations. Depending on the nature of your business, you might or might not want to use emoticons. They are probably not appropriate for a law practice or government institution for instance, whereas a social media firm might use them frequently. If your industry is somewhere in between, you still might want to refrain from using emoticons in your initial communications. Consider waiting until you’ve established rapport with someone before you start inserting 🙂 s in emails to them. I would recommend sticking to standard happy, sad, and occasionally surprised emoticons, and not pictorialize anger, disgust or love/kisses. That might be going overboard in a professional context. Here are two useful blog articles on the topic: Do emoticons have a place in business communication? and How to Use Emoticons and Emojis in Business Communications. 3. DO write a catchy, informative, spam-word-free subject line. â€Å"What are you doing May 17?† That subject line might get attention from some people, but others might delete it without a second thought, not knowing why they are being asked this question. What about â€Å"Clear your calendar for May 17. [Company] is taking you to dinner†? Sure it’s longer, but I’m inspired to find out more about this dinner. When I first decided to email my LinkedIn contacts and invite them to join my e-list, I used the subject line â€Å"I’ve never done this before, Jane!† A lot of people opened the email. But now so many people are using that subject line, I don’t think it would get much traction. I’ve changed my subject line to â€Å"Where to Find the Best Essay Expert Articles: Your Inbox.† I like this one. It doesn’t hide anything and doesn’t use any tricks. A lot of people open it and sign up for my lists. Be careful to avoid words that will get your email caught in spam filters. â€Å"Free† is a big one. An extensive list can be found in the article Subject Line Spam Trigger Words. There are others. Just google â€Å"email subject line spam words† and you’ll get a lot of good info. 4. DON’T overuse exclamation points! I am guilty myself of overusing these pesky punctuation marks. But they often make things seem less important when we’re trying to make them seem more important. I recommend limiting yourself to one exclamation point per email. You might be surprised how much more powerful your writing becomes. When I was putting my newsletter together, my assistant sent me a draft and I saw an overabundance of exclamation marks. One example was the description of my 8 Most Important Updates for You to Know on LinkedIn – March 2016. The description read: Here is a summary of LinkedIns latest platform updates, from job features to mobile apps and some that are still rolling out! What was the purpose of that exclamation mark? I’m sure I don’t know. Both my assistant and I use them unconsciously and we are starting to catch ourselves and reduce their proliferation. 5. DON’T overuse the word â€Å"please.† The group I presented to was in Wisconsin, a state with a reputation for being â€Å"nice.† So the question came up of whether the word â€Å"please† can be overused in email messages. The answer is yes! People especially tend to overuse the word in awkward phrases like â€Å"Please find attached†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This is not language you’d use if you were speaking with someone. Instead, use conversational language: â€Å"I’ve attached the document here† or â€Å"The updated version is attached.† We also frequently say, â€Å"Please let me know if you have any questions.† Here, the â€Å"please† is more natural, so you might choose to use it. But, like the rule with exclamation marks, limit yourself to one â€Å"please† per email. 6. DO reread your emails 3 times before sending. The best way to make sure you’re following the above 5 rules AND that you catch any typos or confusing sentences, is to reread, reread, and reread again. Even those of use who know the best practices and who blog about them (ehhemm†¦.) make some of the errors listed above. As I frequently say, every editor needs an editor. Your writing will be much more professional if you proofread it, saving you time in the long run. So check your work at least 3 times before hitting send. Your recipients (and your boss) will be so grateful that you did.

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Awntone Fisher essays

Awntone Fisher essays The film, Antwone Fisher features a boy named Antwone, who find vital comfort and friendship in a psychologist, Dr. Davenport. The movie takes place while Antwone is in the navy. Since, he has trouble getting along with some of his crewmates, Antwone is sent to the naval psychologist. While there, Dr. Davenport discovers bottled emotions and the unforgettable childhood that Antwone experienced. An orphan, Antwone was taken in by the Tates, where he and his two step-bothers were physically abused by Mrs. Tate. Also, Antwone was sexually abused by Nadine, the Tates maid. This abuse had a profound on him, even in his early adult life. He is more apt to take part in physical violence and has trouble expressing feelings and becoming intimate with women. Throughout the movie, Dr. Davenport helps Antwone uncover this past and guides him along to see his future. Antwone almost becomes part of Davenports family, and their relationship inspires him to go back to his hometown and face his terri ble past. As a critic, I give this movie an A-. I think the film was very enjoyable to watch. It taught me personally that a persons past can have a tremendous effect on their emotions and actions later in life. Also, I learned that just because their past was bad, doesnt mean their future has to be too. My favorite aspect of the movie was the amazing relationship formed by Dr. Davenport and Antwone. Dr. Davenport was an incredible psychologist who taught Antwone lessons he will never forget. I would recommend this movie to any of my friends because it is funny, insightful, and very easy to watch. I enjoyed it very much and I would watch it any time. ...

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Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Leadership - Essay Example These are: first belief (B1) signifies the relationship between effort and performance; the second deals with the relationship between performance and outcomes (B2); and third (B3) with the relationship between outcomes and satisfaction. B1 is the perception and belief of the employee whether effort will lead to success or not; a perception of the employee if the work given is hard to perform. B2 deals with employee’s belief whether his performance will result to outcomes. B3 is the employee’s belief as to the satisfaction of his outcomes, and how favorably the outcomes will be. B. Application of the Expectancy Theory of Motivation In scenario, the employees were not motivated to work given the new production process. Some of them do not seem to put forth any effort to master the process, and some just do not exert much effort, though they have mastered it. Some were not motivated to reach the production goals because there is no disparity between the salary of those wh o can meet the department goals, and those who cannot. In addition, they claim that though they were given bonus for reaching the production goals, their salary amount is so small because of the withholdings, thus, not worth the effort. In application of the expectancy theory of motivation, the company must do every means to make their employees motivated to work on the new production process. Some of their employees were thinking they â€Å"cannot just do it,† no motivation is entered in their minds; they were dubious if they can do it. Also, this company should try to make something that will make the employees motivated, so that they will exert more effort towards performance by using Effort-Performance method (like giving additional bonus). The concern about additional hand dexterity to achieve success, the company should, in any way, try to motivate employees that their performance will lead to outcomes. Some of them would think, â€Å"Will I get it?† so, the comp any should make its employees think that they can perform the job; they must believe they will achieve what they expect if they perform well by using Performance-Outcome method (like conducting training). Finally, employees should be made to believe that their overall outcomes will be satisfying, no matter what the situation will be through Outcome-Satisfaction method (like praising them for a job done). Hence, employees are motivated if: they believe that effort leads to performance: performance results to outcomes and outcomes will meet satisfaction. References Green, T. B. (1992). Performance and motivation strategies for today's workforce: A guide to expectancy theory applications. US: Greenwood Publishing Group. Griffin, R. W., & Moorhead, G. (2009). Organizational behavior: Managing people and organizations. US: Cengage Learning. Task 2. Leadership A. Leadership Style Transformational leadership according to Bass (1998), the leader tries to change the values as well as the pri orities of the subordinates through motivating them to fulfill more works in their jobs by introducing to and doing things in new ways. In addition, transformational leaders possess an awesome ability to inspire, motivate, and encourage followers or subordinates to come up with outcomes far beyond of what is