Saturday, April 18, 2020

New School Essay Example

New School Essay I didnt think I would ever fall in love, come to think of it I never thought I would fall for Romeo, my best friend. Lets just say that love gets people in ways which you wouldnt expect.It was a Tuesday morning. It had finally come; the day when I was moving schools. I can still remember what was going through my head that morning. Thank god Im out of that shit hole I sighed, I was so nervous, what if I dont make any friends what if everyone hates me I sighed again. All those negative thoughts where rushing through my head, I was very sure I was gonna punk out but I kept my cool. I had just finished having a bath and I was going to find something to wear.Dont get me wrong I have so many clothes, but trust me its all about the mood the weathers in and the mood Im in. As soon as I opened my wardrobe, clothes came piling out DAMN! I thought I need to do some spring cleaning! I usually take a long time to get ready but seeing as this was my first day at a new school I HAD to take my time . The sun was hitting in through my window so I decided to go ghetto and wear my denim dungarees, white tank top with top gurl written on it, and my dark blue converses.I put on some lip gloss, popped sum chewing gum in my mouth, grabbed my dark blue and light blue Nike Just do it bag and then I ran down the stairs to the kitchen, to find a note on the counter, it was from mum; Honey I have gone to work. Well duh I thought. Ten pounds is in the draw. P.s/make sure youre not late.I scrunched up the note and threw it in the bin. I then headed to the draw, pulled it open and took out the ten pounds that my mum had left for me.Mum works at a bank, I am considering studying law when I go to university. I know it seems like a long time away but youve got to be prepared. I love History and it just seems like a well paying job.My dad died of a liver cancer when I was two. So I guess it wasnt really painful for me at that time seeing as I was still very young and I didnt understand what was happening. When I was in primary school nearly everyone had a dad I was really confused, it must have been hard for my mum because I kept on asking her where my dad was and shed always tell me that he was in a lovely place. Well Im hurt now because I didnt get to know him, and all I have is a picture of me in his arms when I was a newborn. Mum does date but they just come and go.I took my keys, my ipod, and my phone from the counter, and opened my front door. I realised that I had forgotten something and descended back to my kitchen counter to get my sunglasses. I got out of my house then I locked the door. I then unlocked my garage, and then I unlocked the chains from my electric scooter.The only reason I use an electric scooter is to get around because Im too young to drive a car and Im too young to ride a moped, its all good though. I had to save up and buy it with my own money (no fair) because my mum said she wasnt going to waste good money on an electric scooter when she could spend it on something else and I said well then what Im I going to do?, she was like take public transport, I was like the bus? OH HELL NAH!!I walked my scooter out of the garage then I locked the garage door. Then I was finally off, I knew the location of the school because I had been there twice to take tests, and might I add that all of the tests I had taken I had passed. It took about fifteen minutes to get there on the scooter.It was the beginning of July, summer; my favourite part of the year, the sun was shining directly into my eyes so I put on my sunglasses. I also turned my ipod on, and it started playing so what by Field Mob ft. Ciara, that was the jam back then, and everyone was playing it.Im 5ft5 1/2; I like to think that thats an average height but people say Im short. I have shoulder length hair. Im a black girl with green eyes, Im 15 years old and Im a Scorpio, I think that zodiac is sick. I might get a tattoo of a Scorpion on my lower back when Im a bit older, my m um would kill me I ever got a tattoo done while living under her roof.2Different SceneryWhen I finally got to my new school my nerves returned. WELCOME TO ST. JOHNS where written in big bold black letters on the gate. I turned my ipod off and got off my scooter to chain it, I learnt that nearly half of the school owned electric scooters. Students were entering the school gates. I was told to go to the reception when I arrived. I walked on a long path to get to actual building. Once I got into the building I turned to my first right. There it was the reception just how it was the previous time I had been there to visit. I took off my sunglasses. Students were making their way to their form rooms.May I help you? asked the lady behind the deskShe was a stubby lady, probably over 40 and she looked like she had been working at St. Johns for a long time.Erm. Hi Im Khia Williams I replied in a low voiceNice to meet you Khia, you are the new student starting 10a, right? she askedErm. Yea I answeredWell do not be nervous you will be just fine. You walk through the door just there she said pointing to a green door, she handed me a key with 301 on it that is for your locker, your class is on the second door to the right and you will see 10a written on the door. She explainedOk thanks I said walking off.All those negative thoughts that were rushing through my head earlier that morning were rushing through my head at that precise moment.I finally got to the door which had 10a written on it, it wasnt hard to find, and next to the classrooms were the lockers that the receptionist had given me a key for. I took a deep breath in and a deep breath out. I turned the knob of the door.Ah Khia Williams, I remembered the guy, Mr. Ross; I met him at the meeting with the head teacher the other time. He was so tall and he wore round glasses and his trousers were pulled up so they looked like ankle swingers, I tried not to laugh. Nice to see you again, as you know I will be your teacher for the rest of the year and this will be your form for the rest of the yearEverybody was staring at me, some smiling and some looking at me blankly until I heard a voice say:Girl even in dungarees you look sexyBy now all the boys were laughing. I looked to the back of the classroom, where I thought I had heard the voice come from. A boy was rocking on his chair smirking at me, I was sure it was him. He was a black boy with coolly hair; he had it tied up in a pony tail. He was wearing a white t-shirt, denim jeans and white air forces.Ok thats enough said Mr. Ross Khia take a seatBaby you can come and sit on daddys lap if you wantAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! all the boys started laughing again.I took no notice of them; I thought to myself he must have been the stupidest boy in the class.I SAID THATS ENOUGH! Said Mr. RossEvery teacher has a strict side, everyone got quite.I started looking around for a seat then I saw him, Romeo, dark brown eyes with tight cornrows all back but complic ated and he had on a white head band, wore baggy denim jeans, white air force ones with a green tick and a white t-shirt, on top of that he had on a green and white Magic jersey. He wore diamond studded earrings on each ear and a sliver chain with a capital R on it. It was right then that I knew his name had to start with the letter R, I can still remember how he looked at me; he just smiled acknowledging me. I smiled back at him.You can sit here if you want he offered, his voice was so deep.For sure I said, eyes still on himSorry on behalf of my boy T hes crazy, dont mind him he apologisedHow sweet I thought, he apologised on behalf of his friend, who mind you was being incredibly obnoxious.I assured him Its all rightI sat next to him and might I add how he smelled mmmmmm cologne I thought he was the cutest boy in the class, and I also thought that we would set it off.Can everyone turn their text books to page 62 now said Mr. RossEveryone did as they were told; I and Romeo were sha ring a text book. Even though we were told to settle down the room was still noisy, I thought to myself I am gonna fit in this class. I put my head down, and sat in silence.At the end of the math lesson, Mr. Ross handed me a diary and showed me the page were my schedule was. I checked for my next lesson and was disappointed to see that it was German. I had been learning German at my old school and I hated it. It was so boring but it wasnt optional. I put my diary into my bag, got up from my seat and was heading out of the door when I heard Romeo say; So what lesson you got now?I signed I got German from that sigh he could tell that I wasnt happy about it.Dont worry, I got German too and I hate it, but it aint optional, if it was up to me nobody would learning languages trust meI smiled at him. Those words made me feel a little bit better.Do you mind if I walk with you? he askedI answered SureIm Romeo he told me.I liked that name, the letter R I smiled to myselfIm Khia I told him for getting that he already knew my nameI know he said, I blushed and with that he smiled. I smiled back at him but that was a smile of embarrassment. So what school did you go to before coming here? he askedDouglas High I answeredCool cool I know people from there, from what Ive heard that schools alrightYea thats what I thought when I first started the schoolSo why did you leave? he askedI thought to myself, isnt this boy nosy. I didnt reply. Sorry for being so inner. We are here now he told meOh dont worry about it I saidHe smiled at that, I didnt really wanna tell anyone why I changed schools and I had my reasons. We were standing outside the class, Romeo decided to change the subject.I like your style he said smilingI like yours too, I said back, I really did like his style, in fact I loved his style.ThanksYour welcomeWe went into the classroom and sat down. We were sat next to each other. We were in complete silence simply because we had nothing to talk about, until he asked me a question about German because he needed help.B-a-c-k-e-r-e-i I answeredFinally the bell went. In Douglas High we had six lessons but in St. Johns we have five lessons so I was quite happy about that. I started packing my books away into my bag.Im gonna meet up with my boys, Ill see you in the cafeteria soon. He said to meAll right see you later I answered backLater he saidThen he winked at me. He was off like a shot.3New FriendsI didnt know where the cafeteria was so I just followed the crowd. When I entered the cafeteria I went to get my food then started to look around for a table.I heard a female voice say; Khia! Right?I turned around to the direction of where the voice had come from. When I saw who it was I answered. The table was half full and everyone was munching.Yea, thats me I said politelyIm Chenelle, and this is Kerisha, Kelly, Shandrea and Chantay She said pointing to each girl We are the girls from 10a, you can jam with us if you want? she asked giving me a friendly smi le.