Thursday, December 5, 2019

Camera Angles free essay sample

1) How do camera angles and image juxtaposition tell a story? Describe an instance from each video where the filmmaker uses a camera angle or juxtaposition of images to enhance our understanding of the place they are documenting. In film number one the filmmaker used a lot of long and close up shots to show the natural beauty surrounding the bridge. The filmmaker also zoomed and focused in on a lot of simple things in the park such as the leaf with drop of water to show how serene the area is. In film number two the filmmaker main thing was juxtaposition. Every shot in the film was placed strategically to show how a morning on the LIRR typically goes. The film was mad for you to feel like you were a passenger on the LIRR from the parking lot, to buying breakfast, to heading up the stairs, and on to the train. We will write a custom essay sample on Camera Angles or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The main camera angles used to achieve this was the eye level angle, low angle, and the floor angle. In film number three the filmmaker used plenty of pan, hand helped, and tilted shots. However, the main thing here was the juxtaposition of the images. As the film went on each clip got creepier. I understood that the placed was clearly abandoned and cared for in the least. 2) Critique each video: What elements of the video are successful? What could be improved in each video? In film number one the filmmaker was successful with showing how peaceful the bride was. The filmmaker knew how to use their camera well by focusing in and out of certain elements surrounding the bridge. What could have been improved was how much they decided to show. I don’t even know how the actual bridge really looks. By opening with the name of bridge it made me expect something else. In film number two the filmmaker did a great job by taking the audience on a morning trip through the LIRR. A lot of the camera angles used helped the viewer feel as if they were there going up the escalator or the stairs and was standing there waiting for the train. What I thought could have been improved was the scene while sitting on the actual train. I would of shown someone reading a paper, or talking to a fellow train rider, or any other typical train activity.

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