Sunday, November 24, 2019

Awntone Fisher essays

Awntone Fisher essays The film, Antwone Fisher features a boy named Antwone, who find vital comfort and friendship in a psychologist, Dr. Davenport. The movie takes place while Antwone is in the navy. Since, he has trouble getting along with some of his crewmates, Antwone is sent to the naval psychologist. While there, Dr. Davenport discovers bottled emotions and the unforgettable childhood that Antwone experienced. An orphan, Antwone was taken in by the Tates, where he and his two step-bothers were physically abused by Mrs. Tate. Also, Antwone was sexually abused by Nadine, the Tates maid. This abuse had a profound on him, even in his early adult life. He is more apt to take part in physical violence and has trouble expressing feelings and becoming intimate with women. Throughout the movie, Dr. Davenport helps Antwone uncover this past and guides him along to see his future. Antwone almost becomes part of Davenports family, and their relationship inspires him to go back to his hometown and face his terri ble past. As a critic, I give this movie an A-. I think the film was very enjoyable to watch. It taught me personally that a persons past can have a tremendous effect on their emotions and actions later in life. Also, I learned that just because their past was bad, doesnt mean their future has to be too. My favorite aspect of the movie was the amazing relationship formed by Dr. Davenport and Antwone. Dr. Davenport was an incredible psychologist who taught Antwone lessons he will never forget. I would recommend this movie to any of my friends because it is funny, insightful, and very easy to watch. I enjoyed it very much and I would watch it any time. ...

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