Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Social Skills While there are many definitions of social skills, they all have the same basic meaning. Social skills are skills needed to get along and communicate with others. They can be taught, practiced and learned. Social skills are important to function throughout life. These include verbal and nonverbal skills including tone of voice, speech volume, chosen words, body language, gestures and facial expressions. These skills are what help people know what to say, how to say it, what the best choices are and how to behave in a variety of places and experiences (What are Social Skills, n.d.). Good social skills tend to bring a positive, safe school environment. They also aid in resiliency when faced with a crisis or stressful events. People who possess good social skills look for appropriate ways to relieve frustration and aggression and also promote safety. Poor social skills often lead to difficulties in interpersonal relationships and many times these people are rejected by peers. There is decreased academic performance and often trouble with the law. These individuals may show signs of depression, anxiety and aggression. When navigating the social world, three main processes are used: Seeing, Thinking, and Doing (Kennedy-Moore, 2011). Social seeing is the ability to notice what others in a group are doing and being able to pick up cues on how to act while sorting right from wrong. It also includes noticing context such as formal or informal. It includes determining who the group is and how one fits into that group. People who are able to see within the social world will notice if someone is uninterested or annoyed. They will be able to adapt to these cues and try to make things better. If one lacks this ability, he... ... was nurture. She learned what she experienced and that was life with dogs. Since all children are born to be social, she learned otherwise. She adapted. Has she remained with a family, she may have been lacking some social skills but not all of them. Some children are born more outgoing so socialization comes easier. This is an example of nature. Some children are born autistic which is also an example of nature. As with all nature versus nurture debates, there seems to be evidence of it being a combination of the two that emerge. Social skills start to develop before birth. They continue to be gained and refined throughout life. Early detection of problems with social skills is critical to get the most out of social skills training methods. Social skills can be taught, practiced and learned throughout life but this process becomes more difficult with age.

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